Work Permits

If you get a job and need a work permit, please follow the steps below.

To get your work permit:

1.       Print out the work permit application form (B1-1) or pick up a paper copy from Mrs. Szostak in the Career Center in the B building.

2.       Fill out the top section - Minor’s Information.  Make sure to provide your Social Security Number.  A work permit cannot be created without it.  Also fill out the School Information section.

3.       Take the form to your employer.  Have the employer complete, sign and date the section – To be filled in and signed by employer.

4.       Have a parent/legal guardian print their name, sign and date the section – To be filled and signed by parent or legal guardian.

5.       After steps 1-4 are completed, bring the application to Mrs. Szostak.

6.       A work permit will be processed, signed, and then you can give it to your employer.


Summer Work Permit Information