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Principal Amanda Moore
3201 Sylvan Avenue
Modesto, CA 95355
Hours: 7 a.m.-4 p.m.

Program Offerings (Pathways)

Program Offerings, sometimes referred to as Pathways, are unique course offerings that are only offered at one school. Not only are the students who live within the attendance area of Enochs High School eligible to take these classes, but Program Offerings are also legitimate reasons for students who live outside of the Enochs attendance area to apply for an Intra/Inter District Transfer. The following Program Offerings/Pathways will be offered at James C. Enochs High School:


When printing applications online, please DO NOT print double sided.

Here is a link for a Pathway video

  • Cinema and Graphic Arts

    Graphic Design will give the student an opportunity to acquire the technical knowledge and skills needed for successful entry level employment in the printing trade or toward college level Graphic Communication and Design. Course content is structured through lecture/laboratory experiences as related to individual projects. The contents of these courses can be linked to School to Career programs and can be used to develop career pathways for students.

  • Employment Opportunities

    These courses offer a hands-on approach which allows you to learn skills that are applicable to all facets of your life. Employment Opportunities Pathway prepares students for a successful future!  All students have the opportunity to be placed in an internship for the purpose of building work history.  These opportunities often become paid job positions.

  • Forensic/Biotech Science

    Forensic/Biotech Science is designed to give students an introduction to the scientific concepts and laboratory research techniques currently used in the field of biotechnology. Students will develop laboratory skills, critical thinking, and communication skills currently used in the biotechnology industry. Through extensive directed reading, reflective writing, laboratory work, and workplace experiences, students will explore and evaluate career opportunities in the field of biotechnology and receive advanced training leading to a career requiring education at a postsecondary level. The Biotech/Forensic Science courses will fulfill a students graduation requirement for science as well as some elective credit.

  • Pre-Vet Science

    Pre-Vet Science courses will give students the opportunity to explore the world of veterinary science. Students will earn graduation credit in science as well as practical experience in the realm of veterinary science.  These courses will be taught with an emphasis on veterinary science through a hands-on approach as well as through the business perspective.

    • The California Career Pathways Trust (CCPT)

      • The Enochs Ag Department is proud to be a part of a CCPT grant to improve the Vet Science pathway offered to our students.  This grant is being executed in partnership with the Vet Science program at Modesto Junior College and our fellow MCS high school programs that offer Vet Science pathways at Gregori and Davis High School.