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Principal Amanda Moore
3201 Sylvan Avenue
Modesto, CA 95355
Hours: 7 a.m.-4 p.m.

Government & Politics: US

The AP Program offers two government courses: AP United States (U.S.) Government and Politics and AP Comparative Government and Politics. Each course is designed to be equivalent to a one-semester introductory college course. There is no prescribed sequence of study. A school may offer one or both courses.

AP United States Government and Politics introduces students to key political ideas, institutions, policies, interactions, roles, and behaviors that characterize the political culture of the United States. The course examines politically significant concepts and themes, through which students learn to apply disciplinary reasoning assess causes and consequences of political events, and interpret data to develop evidence-based arguments.

Students study general concepts used to interpret U.S. government and politics and analyze specific topics, including:

  • Constitutional Underpinnings;
  • Political Beliefs and Behaviors;
  • Political Parties, Interest Groups, and Mass Media;
  • Institutions of National Government;
  • Public Policy; and
  • Civil Rights and Civil Liberties.

An integral part of the course includes analysis and interpretation of basic data relevant to U.S. government and politics, and the development of connections and application of relevant theories and concepts.