Welcome to Enochs High's Sustainability Hub!

We are dedicated to fostering environmental awareness and responsibility among our students. Through engaging activities and initiatives, we strive to empower young learners to become stewards of the planet, making positive contributions to their community and beyond!

Real-time outdoor air quality at the Transportation Yard! (Placeholder until Enochs's monitor is installed)

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Upcoming Events

Campus Projects!

Weekly Recycling bottles and cans - in conjunction with the City of Modesto, money collected goes to the Awesome Spot Playground Funds. 

Universal Waste Recycling - mainly used batteries, but talk with our custodians if about properly discarding old electronics through the district.

Enochs  Closet - We are always taking donations of gently used clothes that will fit high school students! We love to get fancy clothes and shoes to offer students before formal dances. Contact Mrs. McKinney for drop off!

Earth Week Education and Events - educational campaign on campus and on social media, dress-up days and lunch activities all week, recycled art contest, classes, games and prizes. (P.S. Earth Day is celebrated April 22, but everyday is a day to celebrate our planet!)

Recycled Art Contest (Earth Week)

Recycling Projects in conjunction with O'BGreen

River and Community Clean ups

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Environmental Club🌍🌎🌏

Enochs's Environmental Club is one of the most active clubs on campus! Ever wonder who collects all those recycled bottles and cans in classrooms? Surprise, it's us! The money collected from our recycling helped fund the Awesome Spot Playground at Beyer Park!

If you have a pile of clothes that are in good shape but just don't fit you or your style anymore, we have something for you! We run the Enochs Closet two times a quarter. You can discard those clothes, and we offer them to fellow Eagles! This project demonstrates that our 'old clothes' have value and can actually have a longer life cycle than most stores and fashion brands would have you believe.

These are just a few of our projects that touch the Enochs campus, we also participate in projects within the local community. Join the Environmental Club today!

Follow us on Instagram to stay updated with all our projects and events! IG @enochs_environmental_club

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enochs at graceada park earth day event

Enochs Closet 👖👗👚👔🥾👟

Check out the behind-the-scenes work making the Enochs Closet come to life!

Teacher Coordinator

In March 2023, the Board approved "Sustainability Teacher Champions" funding at all 34 school sites to establish and lead environmental initiatives. At Enochs, Science teacher Jennifer McKinney took on the challenge in addition to supervising the Bio Academy, leading a recycling program on campus, and many other key campus roles. Sustainability Leads will form environmental clubs and guide students through projects focusing on: energy conservation, waste reduction, and air monitoring.

💡Energy Conservation

A full-time Energy Education Specialist contracted through Cenergistic monitors Enochs's utility bills and conducts in-person audits to verify HVAC run times and proper lighting usage. The specialist also helps optimize systems to ensure they run efficiently.

Cenergistic provides ongoing training and support, including student engagement opportunities such as "Energy Audits" and "Utility Bill Review." Visit the District Energy Conservation page to learn more!

If you would like more information about this program, contact the Director of Sustainability, Gilbert Blue Feather Rosas, at Rosas.G@mcs4kids.com.

MCS ENERGY STAR® School 2023

Modesto City Schools participates in the EPA’s ENERGY STAR® Certification Program. School sites are evaluated and receive a score ranking. A minimum score of 75 means that school is in the top 25% of comparable buildings. In 2023, Enochs received a score of 77.

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🗑Waste Program!

Did you know?

We collect approximately 100 lbs of CRV recycling per week and have donated over $3000 to the Awesome Spot Park!

Air Quality and Health

Purple Air Monitor Program

MCS partnered with UC Merced professor Dr. Asa Bradman to install Purple Air Monitors at all 34 school sites. The installation is underway, but stay tuned to see Enochs's real-time outdoor air quality. We hope to initiate after-school programs involving environmental clubs and classes in monitoring and tracking.

Through consistent tracking, the air monitors will develop a baseline for emissions. Students can use software like Excel to find correlations in air quality due to site location and surroundings, weather, time of year, and even time of day.

No Idling Campaign

Idling vehicles create unnecessary, harmful pollution that affect students’ health. The message is simple: While you wait for your child, please turn off your engine. Idling for more than 10 seconds uses more fuel than turning off the engine and restarting it.

Resource: Healthy Air Living Schools Program Additional Materials

San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District: Real-Time Air Advisory Network

RAAN uses actual, real-time air-quality data taken directly from the nearest air monitor to help you evaluate air quality and determine the right time for outdoor activities. It also provides Real-Time Outdoor Activity Risk (ROAR) guidelines based on five different air-quality levels.

🌞Solar on Campus


It's hard not to notice the giant solar panels that now provide shade covering and solar production in the parking lot! Enochs's panels will produce 1002.0 kWh and provide 53,471 sq. feet of shaded covering.

Did you know solar panels absorb significantly less energy (1.8 kWh per square meter per day) than asphalt (5.4 kWh per square meter per day)? This change in energy absorption alters the amount of infrared radiation reaching the ground, providing cooler space for students and transportation staff.

To learn more about solar energy at MCS, check out the District Green Infrastructure tab!

CTE Programs

Climate Action Pathways (CAPS)

Climate Action Pathways for Schools (CAPS) is a California-based non-profit organization providing paid internship programs designed to meet a school district’s climate action goals. Junior and Senior interns' work is focused on reducing greenhouse gas emissions at a school district level developed in 5 key areas, including clean transportation, building decarbonization, food systems, water conservation, and water management.

A cohort of students from MCS high schools, including Enochs, have the unique opportunity to be part of a process of creating change that can be measured and seen within their school and community.

Student Energy Audits!

After analyzing energy data and understanding site plans, our Climate Action Pathways high school interns conducted energy audits of some district campuses. They prepared questions and interviewed head custodians, our Cenergistic Energy Specialist, and other applicable staff.

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Climate action Pathways high school interns partake in an after school energy audit at Fairview Elementary

Future Renewable Energy Pathways

The district's investment in solar carports and an electric school bus fleet, as well as other sustainability initiatives, has sparked interest in developing technical education programs for high school students to pursue renewable energy curriculum in Career Technical Education (CTE) classes.

District-Wide Sustainability